DSA/Catalogue installation considerations

The DSA/Catalogue web-application allows ADQL queries and cone searches on astronomical catalogues in relational databases. The cone searches follow the IVOA SCS standard. The ADQL queries are currently supported on a CEC interface and are therefore specific to AstroGrid software. Later releases of DSA/Catalogue will support the IVOA TAP standard.

DSA/Catalogue adapts to an existing database by configuration of the DSA service and description of the database to the service; you do not need to change your database schema. You can apply the component to any database, whether or not astronomical. However, the cone-search facility can only work on tables with columns containing equatorial coordinates.

Results of queries can be sent in a variety of formats: VOTable/TABLEDATA, VOTable/BINARY, CSV, HTML.

ADQL queries are executed asynchronously from the client and can therefore run for as long as necessary without timing out the connection. Query results can be large: 500MB result-sets have been tested.

By default, DSA/Catalogue installations allow public, read-only access to the database. If your database has a restricted access-policy, then DSA can enforce this by requiring authentication of clients.